Want Worry-Free Wi-Fi?

AC Networks has partnered with Plume to give you exactly that: worry free Wi-Fi.

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How It Works

The Homepass App efficiently detects your devices and delivers fast, immaculately reliable connectivity across your home. The system continually learns from your use and performs self-optimizations to keep things running efficiently.

In addition, the app includes the following features:

● Dynamic view of your Plume network topology
● View and manage the devices connected to your network over Wi-Fi
● Rename your Plume pods with our pod locator function
● Rename connected devices and assign them people                



● Freeze device internet access
● Run network speed tests
● Advanced parental controls
● Receive Sense detection alerts and get notified when family members return or leave home
● Receive notifications on system updates and newly released product features

Check Out the Features

  • Change and share your Wi-Fi name and passwords
  • Manage your network from home or anywhere you have internet access
  • Set your network to auto or router mode
  • View the number of connected devices or people and their data usage
  • View connection status of your pods
  • Add more pods to your network
  • Remove pods from your network

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