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Business Messaging

AC Networks specializes in high speed broadband and advanced voice services. With unmatched customer service. NO Contract, NO introductory rate that increases after a year.

Low-Cost Texting Solution for Your Business

Gain access to the world’s most effective way of communication for your organization with AC Networks’ Business Messaging service. Our innovative platform allows your business to reach customers with personal real-time service. Work from any device, anywhere. Send and receive texts using your business number, even when on a call. Business texting increases customer satisfaction, lowers cancellation rates, and can increase sales potential for your business. Call us at (207) 800-0061 or contact us online to set up your service today.

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Fun Fact

Did you know it only takes 90 seconds on average to respond to a text, whereas it takes at least 90 minutes to respond to an email? With more than 98% of all texts read compared to only 20% of all emails, it’s easy to see why texting is the ideal way of communication. Give your customers the experience they are looking for and never put them on hold.

Monthly Fee - $24.95 (plus tax)

This includes the following:

  • One phone number with multiple shared access
  • The first 500 messages are free, then, $0.03 per message
  • Free incoming messages

For businesses that have many outgoing texts, we have an unlimited plan available.

Business Texting Features

  • Complete integration with your business line *
  • Keep your existing number, or we can provide one for you
  • Web and phone applications
  • Text blasting (Promotions, Newsletters, etc.)
  • Text scheduling
  • Conversation history
  • Auto responses based on a keyword
  • Group usage
  • Address book management
  • MMS Capable
  • Our one-time set-up fee is $50

* Not available for all numbers. Please contact us for availability.

Gain access to the world’s most effective way of communication

for your organization with AC Networks Business Messaging Service.