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Contact AC Networks for internet and phone service in Maine from Beddington to Portland. AC Networks’ internet service is the leading telecommunications service provider across Maine.

With internet speeds as fast as 100 Mbps, you can now enjoy all of your favorite movies and games without buffering. Our internet speeds also allow you to run your business without interruptions for you or your clients. AC Networks provides super-fast residential internet speeds when compared to DSL or satellite service.

Get top internet speeds anywhere in Maine, at a more affordable rate over satellite or cellular service. We have packages to meet your residential or business needs.

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Business and Residential Phone Service in Maine

Reliable and affordable business and residential phone services in Maine are available through AC Networks. Many people prefer to use their cellphone as their main calling device. However, having a landline offers families convenience and can act as a safety tool. With our service, there is no need to run a phone line as you can add calling to your existing internet service.

For your business, AC Networks offers a complete unified solution, including business phone, web conferencing, resource sharing tools, softphone apps, and more. Offered as a cloud service, it is always on and always answers, even if your equipment disconnects from the network. You get an all-in-one business phone service at a fraction of the cost of separate providers. The hardware works wherever there is an internet connection. Our telecommunications consultants will help find the right option for you.

AC Network makes paying or managing your account online convenient to you. Pay your bill, check your balance, see your billing history, sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing, and so much more. All online, available 24/7.

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We serve communities across Maine. Check out our coverage map to see the service in your area.

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