You must choose at least 1 router, but you can select multiple of each. Choose from our HomeMesh™ Wireless WF-808 Router and/or our Super Pods. Then select either Monthly or Yearly billing for our Home Pass App!

Home Wi-Fi Solution Bundles

From: $9.99 / month

HomeMesh™ Wireless WF-808

WF-808 product is designed to extend Wi-Fi network connectivity at home. With WF-808, the customer can set up a smart Wi-Fi home network, which provides self-configuring, self-healing and self-managing,. It dynamically selects the most reliable Wi-Fi path and enables fast and seamless handoffs for end-users.

$79.00 each

Super Pod

SuperPods boost your home WiFi all while providing stellar security.  All Pods come preprovisioned by AC Networks.  A Username and Password will be assigned to you for your management HomePass Application.


$99.00 each