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AC Networks’ Residential LTE Internet Service in New England, allows you to take the internet with you at an affordable price. Enjoy streaming videos, movies, pictures, online gaming, and more with faster residential internet speeds with AC Networks. Our internet speeds and guaranteed service allow you to work from home effectively. Also, connect with friends and family around the world using social media or video chat. Do not let internet technology outpace you. Contact us online today to get the best on-the-go LTE service in the region.

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Residential LTE Internet Service

Download Speeds
Data Cap
10 MEG
25 MEG
50 MEG
INSTALLATION: FREE *In select areas only. Please call the office at (207) 800-0061 for confirmation on availability.

What is LTE Internet Service?

Long Term Evolution or LTE, as it’s commonly called, refers to the 4G technology or 4 generations wireless broadband standard. It is a communication standard for data terminals, mobile devices, and smartphones. The LTE standard is a superior, high-speed, high-security wireless cellular network.

LTE Service Helps Rural Communities Stay Connected

Our multi-carrier internet solution covers even the most remote areas, bringing unlimited, blazing-fast, and low-latency internet. AC Networks’ LTE Service will automatically switch connections between the major carriers based on the most optimal signal in your area. In the past, satellite internet service was your only option if you preferred to live closer to nature. The problem with satellite is that it is slower and allows very low amounts of data monthly. Also, bad weather can lead to bad connections. LTE Service alleviates these issues. Our LTE Service is truly ideal for people in rural areas and people who need the flexibility to work or play where life takes them.

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